In 2015 Canada is expected to authorize Canadian employers to hire approximately 7,000 foreign temporary low or semi-skilled workers.

Will your business and your workers be among them?

Canada allows Canadian employers to hire foreign workers to work in what are considered lower skilled jobs; farm workers and hospitality industry jobs (i.e. food and beverage servers), that do not require the worker to have a college or university education or accreditation as a skilled trades person.

These positions are almost always considered temporary jobs. Temporary status is enforced by a rule that low skilled workers cannot work in Canada for more than four years, at which time they have to leave Canada or will have to wait for another extension before they can be considered for another visa and work permit. This category does not normally lead to permanent residence in Canada. However, hopeful migrants should check to see if they might qualify in other categories.

Caregivers who assist families with family members who are children, elderly, or disabled may benefit from a special program that allows them to apply for permanent residence and to include their spouse, partner and/or minor children in their application for permanent residence (previously known as the Live-in Caregiver program, but they are no longer required to live-in to provide with their help to their employers).

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