Canada expects to approve permanent resident applications for 101,500 new highly skilled workers in 2015.

Will you be among them?

“Express Entry” is the processing system designed to quickly identify and grant permanent status to qualifying highly skilled workers through one of the following immigration programs:

a)    The Canadian Experience Class (CEC).
b)    The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program,
c)    The Canadian Skilled Trades (CST) program and
d)    Some of the programs managed by provincial and territorial governments.

Many international students who wish to work in Canada after their graduation will have to apply for a work permit. In many provinces that work permit will only be issued if the employer shows that the international student will not be taking a job from an unemployed or underemployed Canadian. Some Canadian provincial immigration programs (called “Provincial Nominee Programs” or PNPs) have special programs for international students which make it easier to obtain work permits and, ultimately, permanent residence after they graduate.

After graduation from a Canadian technical school, college or university, many Canadian educated international students may work in Canada (with a work permit) and eventually qualify for permanent residence through the express entry selection process. The student’s spouse or partner will normally be eligible for a full time work permit while the student has permission to study full-time and work part time in Canada during his or her studies.

There are many different skilled worker programs in Canada, managed by the federal government, as well as almost all of Canada’s provincial and territorial governments. Included are a variety of programs that can lead to permanent status for some foreign students who have graduated from accredited Canadian universities, colleges, technical schools and other accredited post-secondary institutions.

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