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Farah Syed


Farah Syed has been practising law since 1994, including over seven years of experience with the distinguished firm M/S Jafri Law Associates based in Lahore, Pakistan.

From 2001 she managed her own immigration consulting firm in Canada and was also a member of immigration consultant’s regulatory body CSIC.

Her primary interest throughout her career has been assisting those seeking to migrate to or visit Canada for family, business, safety or other reasons. She is also partner in “James & Jefferies” law firm since 2008.

Farah Syed holds bachelor degrees in journalism from Pakistan and a master’s degree in law from Canada. She is currently a member of the Punjab Bar Council and a High Court Advocate, making her a lifelong member of the high court bar. She also has degrees in U.S. commercial law, bankruptcy law, civil litigation and corporate law from United States.

She has worked as a corporate manager in “Multi International Corporation” and as corporate negotiator for international trading for AM East Corporation. She has also headed corporate legal advisory and communication boards across North America and led projects in recruitment, training, development, wage management and industrial relations. In the past, she has also worked in different countries as an administrator to a non-governmental organization specializing in family law, domestic violence and destitute women.

Her written articles have been published in internationally renowned Pakistani newspapers including The News and Daily Jang. These articles have focused on sensitive and critical issues of society, mainly concerning children and women.

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